Garage Gym Startup

There is WAY more to being a great coach than just knowing how to teach a squat. Here are some characteristics I believe everyone needs in order to not just be a good, but a GREAT coach!

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Many think owning a gym is about coaching, working out, and counting your $$. But let me tell you right now, none of that happens! Be ready for lack of sleep, 30 minute maintenance training sessions, and LOTS of hard work. It's not for everyone, but that's what separates good from great!

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There are way more than 5 tools out there to run your business, but when you are starting out, these 5 will help any gym owner run more efficiently and effectively. I can't speak for everyone, but they really helped me!

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Is location everything when opening a gym? In this 20 min podcast I am going to go over how I chose my location, what to look out for, and how to allow clients to dictate growth and how to do it without going in over your head! 

It's not always about the biggest and fanciest location. For those of us who bootstrapped or plan on bootstrapping this business, we sometimes need to start small, then grow as our clientele grows!

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Have you ever wanted to or do you currently own a gym? Follow along as I take you through the life of a gym owner. I will be talking business, how we get more clients, how we retain them, how being a gym owner has changed my life and how not to let it ruing yours!

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We all want to achieve something be it in the gym or in life. Regardless of what it is, here are 4 keys to reaching your goals. But remember, you can't just follow one, you need them all!

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I sat down with Daniel Nicholson, the CEO and Prez of Nada Moo to talk about his Journey, trials and tribulations as an entrepreneur. If you haven't given this gluten free, dairy free, and delicious frozen dessert a try, be sure you get some at a store near you.

You can visit for stores near you that carry this awesome product!


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The 5 Rules of The Gym and Life

There are 5 rules that I believe should dictate the way you train and the way you live. Here are those 5 rules!

@davidofthelion - Twitter/instagram

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We live in a "more" world. We want more money, more strength, more free time, more, more, more. We are so inlove with this idea that many times we miss the value in the things we currently have. 

I have added a new routine of reflection to my day and I think it can help change your life too!

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Sometimes we have a tendency to get in a comfort zone and although we feel as though we are getting things done, we aren't getting them done to the best of our ability. Get outside of the comfort zone, change your environment to one that is motivating, challenging and uplifting and you will go beyond your abilities!

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