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We hear about "community" all the time. In this episode I am going to cover 3 main topics about community.


1) What it actually means (at least to us at OTL Fitness)

2) Why is it important? It is a means to building your business and creating longevity.

3) How you actually do it. Remember, it starts from the top!

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In this episode I had the honor of interviewing someone I have looked up to for many years in both the fitness and business industry, Carl Paoli.

For those who may not know who he is, Carl is the creator of GymnasticsWod which is now the FreeStyle Connection a Seminar series which tours world wide. He is an investor with Str/keMvmt, he was coach to Annie Thorsdottir the 2 years she won the CrossFit Games, Author of Free+Style and he continues to add value to the fitness world with many years of gymnastics experience as a former National Competitor.

All in all, Carl is an amazing person and it would be a disservice to yourself if you did not listen to this episode in its entirety. 

Carl is here to add value and that he did. Here it is, Episode 7!

instagram: @garagegymstartup

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Facebook can be a great go to place to get your gym noticed. But before you start shooting that video or creating that piece of content, you should consider a few things first. 

Your FB ad isn't about "Get a discount" or "Free Week". It should be about building a brand. FB is a place we go to be educated or entertained, not sold to.

In this episode I talk about how we do it after a lot of failure. But as always, if you think this is about getting 100 new clients in 1 month with FB ads, this isn't for you. This is about creating content to education, add value and create a brand. #LongTermThinking

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Getting your first members in the door can be easy for some and difficult for others. It was slow growth for us and we really built a strong foundation of our core members. 

In this episode I talk about what we did to get in our first members, and what your main focus should be.

In a future episode I will give tactical advice on advertising on Facebook. This episode is more about communication amongst your current members and business development with other local businesses.

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