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It's important we constantly get new faces into our gym doors. Not all will become members, but the more people we can get to experience our product, the better our chances.

In today's episode I talk about 3 events we use to get new and potential clients in the door and what we do next.

The bonus topic is about the things you will have to sacrifice now in order to have a great gym in the future!

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Do you have a flow to your classes? Do you know how to create energy in the beginning of your class, maintain it and close it out with energy as well? One more question, how do you introduce new members on their first day?

How you control the flow of your class and how you introduce new members is very important and can create a consistency that your clients come to love and enjoy.

In this podcast I talk about how we "flow" through a class, create and maintain energy and close out classes with a bang!

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Pricing is important from the very beginning. Too often trainers/gym owners under value themselves. But how do we even know what we're worth?

The other big mistake is the business model of under cutting other gyms in the area thinking that will bring you the business. 

Let's talk pricing, things to think about when setting prices, discounts, contracts, and much more!

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