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The best way to learn is through experiences. In this episode, Coach Travis Goyeneche and I talk on our experiences as coaches at OTL Fitness with a variety of athletes and how each of these athletes have made us better coaches.

From adaptive athletes, to athletes who want to do it their way, we've had and have the privilege to work with all backgrounds and we hope you can learn from our experiences too.

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If you are in the business of owning a gym (or any business) long enough, you are going to have those people who call you with no real intentions of purchasing your service. Here's my story on a call I got just the other day and how I suggest handling it. 

Also, I talk about how you should coach a class when only 1 person shows up. Hint: Like you would coach any other class!

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Jae Kim has become a very good friend of mine. He is hard working, makes no excuses, and is an incredible entrepreneur. He started with a food truck and is now building a food empire here in Austin. You can also see Jae on SharkTank!

He may be in the restaurant business, but in this podcast we talk about building a foundation in your business and go in depth on the mindset of an entrepreneur. 

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