Garage Gym Startup

I sometimes think about what I would have done differently if I could go back knowing what I know now. I wouldn't change much, and honestly, I think it's all a learning process. But, if I could go back, there are a few things I would have done and done differently in order to better prepare myself for the future of OTL Fitness.

7 years will teach you a lot, but I know I still have a ton to learn.

I hope you enjoy the episode. Follow our gym @otlfitness on instagram or the show @garagegymstartup.

Have a great one!

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One thing many forget about the small business owner is we don't have a 401k match by our companies. Many times we pay out of pocket for our insurance. And for many, "retirement" isn't even a thought.


In order for us to be ready for the next phase of our lives, owning the real estate we run our gym on can be a huge life long benefit. 

In this episode, Dave Nichols of CrossFit Flower Mound talks about the purchasing of the real estate his gym currently operates on.

This is not advice to any listeners to purchase property. This is simply Dave talking about what he's done in his business. 


We hope you enjoy!

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