Garage Gym Startup

Miranda Alcaraz may be remembered by those in the CrossFit community by Miranda Oldroyd, her maiden name. Since her time as a star in the CrossFit games, she and her husband Julian Alcaraz have built one of the most amazing online fitness communities around through their business, Street Parking. 

I was really excited to have this conversation not only because I think Miranda is awesome, but because we are in a time when online is the way to go. However, it is not for everyone. Not only do you need the smarts for programming, but to truly build an online platform/community you have to have the ability to build brand. You are fighting in a crowded space with a lot of "instagram starts" many of whom are fitness based. Miranda and the Street Parking crews ability to build their brand and their community is truly amazing.

I hope you all enjoy this episode!

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