Garage Gym Startup (entrepreneurship)

In February of 2019 we published an episode on changing prices for your gym and or business. This episode did extremely well and made us realize price changes can be difficult but many people are needing to go through them.

Well, on March 1, 2019 we went though our official price change. For some, this change was as much as $90 more than what they were previously paying. To say the least, we were scared. We were afraid to lose members or hurt feelings. However, as our rent took another increase, we knew it was necessary in order for us to keep our business alive.

This episode is an update on the price changes, the effects it had on our business both good and bad, how we went about it and changes we made to our class times.

If you are even considering changes in your pricing, Pt. 1 of price changes and this episode are a must!

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 Coach David and Courtney de Leon

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