Garage Gym Startup

When you own a garage gym, all things are exciting especially a new facility. We are moving the gym to a new facility soon and we've hired a new coach. Both of these things are extremely exciting for us. Hear all about it in today's episode. 

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We are considering bringing on a new coach but the pandemic is making us question whether or not we should. But, I think looking and getting feelers out is always a great idea. Here's my outlook on it. 


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The pandemic has forced many businesses to adapt, pivot and change. The gym industry is no different. Here are my thoughts on what garage gym/warehouse gym owners should be doing right now in order to create a great environment and business for the long term. 


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This is a question I have heard come up on few occasions. Should someone open a gym during the pandemic? This is something I answer in my own personal opinion on this episode. Hint: It may not be the best time to tie up in a bad lease, but now is a great time to start building up your community!


This is all about the fitness business and owning a gym. These are my opinions, I am not an expert in any of these subjects :)

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A lot has gone on over the past 6 months especially for the gym business. In this episode, I am going to talk about what we've gone through as a business and where your mind should be right now. 


This is episode 40, don't miss it! 

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Jay Collins is someone I look up to as a gym owner and entrepreneur. As we all have been forced to close our doors, Jay has made crucial decisions not just to get through today, but changes that will change his business model forever. 

Learn how Jay faced closing his doors and his pivot into online training. He also closes with amazing words of wisdom.

Your gym doesn't have to close forever due to corona virus. You can make this happen IF you are doing what it takes to be in business for the long haul. 

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Chase Ingram, owner of CrossFit Big D, was one of the first movers in the fitness industry to shut their doors. Chase had great insight from doctors in Italy as well as within his community.

Hear his story on the steps he has taken and plans to take through this pandemic we are all facing. 

Gyms will struggle through the corona virus. What are you doing to still be open at the end of this?

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This past few weeks have been tough, motivating and inspiring. The Corona Virus, specifically COVID19 is taking it's toll not only on human life but on business as well.

Here is our story. Listen, learn and go forward.

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I recently received a question from a Garage Gym Start Up listener in regards to scheduling clients and which app we use or suggest (this was in relation to personal training). This gave me the idea of today's episode which is all about apps we use to schedule, run payment/financial history reports, do workout breakdowns and so much more!

If you want to be great in your fitness business, I would suggest using these apps, or similar ones, in order to make that happen! 

If you own a garage gym or fitness business check out our previous episodes.

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Hiring a new coach (this would be our first one not through the gym if we find someone) has been difficult. Not just finding qualified applicants, but getting my ego out of the way. 

In this episode I talk about just that, hiring and how I am stopping myself and you may be too.

Have you hired before? If so, hit me up on instagram @otlfitness and let me know how it went.


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In this episode I cover 4 topics in regards to business, life and a big promise I made to my wife because I want bringing too much negativity!

A big issue we are currently facing in the business is construction next to our building and a big lack of communication from our landlord. 

If you are a garage gym owner, I think this is a great (and short) episode to check out!

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For many years I have used the content and resources Zach Even-Esh has provided both online and in person. From purchasing his books to going through the Underground Strength Coach Certification Zach has really been a go to for me over the years.

I believe this conversation in important for anyone who is currently training out of their garage or a small space and looking to expand. We also discuss having a job while owning a may be surprised what Zach says about this and his new endeavors.

I cannot wait for you all to listen to this one!

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Miranda Alcaraz may be remembered by those in the CrossFit community by Miranda Oldroyd, her maiden name. Since her time as a star in the CrossFit games, she and her husband Julian Alcaraz have built one of the most amazing online fitness communities around through their business, Street Parking. 

I was really excited to have this conversation not only because I think Miranda is awesome, but because we are in a time when online is the way to go. However, it is not for everyone. Not only do you need the smarts for programming, but to truly build an online platform/community you have to have the ability to build brand. You are fighting in a crowded space with a lot of "instagram starts" many of whom are fitness based. Miranda and the Street Parking crews ability to build their brand and their community is truly amazing.

I hope you all enjoy this episode!

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I sometimes think about what I would have done differently if I could go back knowing what I know now. I wouldn't change much, and honestly, I think it's all a learning process. But, if I could go back, there are a few things I would have done and done differently in order to better prepare myself for the future of OTL Fitness.

7 years will teach you a lot, but I know I still have a ton to learn.

I hope you enjoy the episode. Follow our gym @otlfitness on instagram or the show @garagegymstartup.

Have a great one!

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One thing many forget about the small business owner is we don't have a 401k match by our companies. Many times we pay out of pocket for our insurance. And for many, "retirement" isn't even a thought.


In order for us to be ready for the next phase of our lives, owning the real estate we run our gym on can be a huge life long benefit. 

In this episode, Dave Nichols of CrossFit Flower Mound talks about the purchasing of the real estate his gym currently operates on.

This is not advice to any listeners to purchase property. This is simply Dave talking about what he's done in his business. 


We hope you enjoy!

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In February of 2019 we published an episode on changing prices for your gym and or business. This episode did extremely well and made us realize price changes can be difficult but many people are needing to go through them.

Well, on March 1, 2019 we went though our official price change. For some, this change was as much as $90 more than what they were previously paying. To say the least, we were scared. We were afraid to lose members or hurt feelings. However, as our rent took another increase, we knew it was necessary in order for us to keep our business alive.

This episode is an update on the price changes, the effects it had on our business both good and bad, how we went about it and changes we made to our class times.

If you are even considering changes in your pricing, Pt. 1 of price changes and this episode are a must!

Please take 1 min. to leave a review!


 Coach David and Courtney de Leon

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In episode 28 I talk about garage gyms and whether or not I believe they are going extinct and what you can do to avoid taking the wrong road when it comes to starting your gym. 


The industry is changing. Will you be ready?

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A price change can be one of the hardest things to do as a gym owner. In the process you will lose members, question yourself, and maybe think about changing your mind. However, if done correctly, you could be setting your business up to survive for years to come. 

In this episode I talk about the changes we made, why we made them and how we think it will help us become a better business. 



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There are a ton of great podcasts out there for business and life in general. As I drove to work, I thought I would share with all of you my favorite go to business podcasts that help keep me informed and motivated!

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Recently I have felt like I'm getting too comfortable when it comes to business. Complacency, in my opinion, is a disease. We must be self aware and get out of the feeling of complacency and make moves.

I also talk about creating ideas in this episode. Ideas should be something we have everyday. We don't have to act on all of them, but constantly be thinking of what is next and how you can be ahead of the curve.

Being a gym owner isn't easy, but I wouldn't change it for the world!

Don't forget to check out the VLOG. Search "Of The Lion Fitness" on YouTube to see the episodes.

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Today's episode starts by me talking about a phone call that sparked this episode. Marketing companies who tell you what you aren't doing right yet they have no idea how to run a business. This leads me into who you should take advice from both in business and life!

Don't forget to check out our garage gym business VLOG. Search OF The Lion Fitness on YouTube and look for the series titled, The Next 5 Years.

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One thing we have really focused on recently is the question, "At the minimum, what do we need to effectively run our gym". This question has given us great focus in understanding how to be creative with our program design, allowing us to minimize equipment and setting ourselves up to scale more efficiently. 


  In the book E-Myth they talk about setting up your business to sell it (not something we plan on doing anytime soon). However, the idea they are trying to convey is: At the minimum, what does your business need to effectively run and are your procedures in place. Two very important things I recommend you looking into.


 Don't forget to check out our VLOG on youtube. Just Search Of The Lion Fitness on YouTube and look for the series called, "The Next 5 Years". 

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In this episode of Garage Gym Startup I talk about a really low point for me personally, what caused it, how we got out of it (my wife/business partner is awesome) and what is a MUST for your garage gym. Hint: It is a vision :)

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You can't miss this interview!

I had the incredible opportunity to sit and talk with Jason Khalipa, Father, business owner, CrossFit Games winner and overall amazing person about owning, running and building a gym. We talked about family, balance, growth, and what it takes to build the dream gym.

This is one you cannot miss whether you own a gym or any business.

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In Episode 20, I talk on 3 main topics:

1) Starting small (it's still possible)

2) Get your business finances in order

3) Stop looking for reassurance

At the end of the podcast I give 3 tips (things we've actually done) that helped us increase members/revenue.

I also suggest a podcast you should download ASAP!

Don't forget to visit us on instagram: @garagegymstartup

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Since starting OTL Fitness, I've gone through ups and downs both physically and mentally. In this episode I talk about being down, but what helps me get back in the zone.

This episode is special to me because it's important as business owners that we remain honest with our true emotions. I hope you all appreciate me opening up about how I feel!

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The best way to learn is through experiences. In this episode, Coach Travis Goyeneche and I talk on our experiences as coaches at OTL Fitness with a variety of athletes and how each of these athletes have made us better coaches.

From adaptive athletes, to athletes who want to do it their way, we've had and have the privilege to work with all backgrounds and we hope you can learn from our experiences too.

Instagram: @garagegymstartup



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If you are in the business of owning a gym (or any business) long enough, you are going to have those people who call you with no real intentions of purchasing your service. Here's my story on a call I got just the other day and how I suggest handling it. 

Also, I talk about how you should coach a class when only 1 person shows up. Hint: Like you would coach any other class!

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Jae Kim has become a very good friend of mine. He is hard working, makes no excuses, and is an incredible entrepreneur. He started with a food truck and is now building a food empire here in Austin. You can also see Jae on SharkTank!

He may be in the restaurant business, but in this podcast we talk about building a foundation in your business and go in depth on the mindset of an entrepreneur. 

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In this episode I talk about why and how we use media.

It is never our intention to release a video and get new members right away. Our intention is strictly building brand!

I hope you enjoy this one. Don't forget to check us out on Facebook at


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Aja and Aryan are brothers who own Behemoth CrossFit. These two guys are truly awesome people and amazing athletes. However, it's their love for people and movement that have helped them grow their awesome gym, Behemoth CrossFit.

In this interview we cover entrepreneurship in the fitness industry, working with family, hiring coaches, and the future of their business.

I hope you can relate and learn a few things from this episode. It is a little bit longer, but totally worth it!

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What email system do you use? How do you capture emails? How quickly do you respond to emails? Do you use STREAK as a google chrome plugin?

If you answered no to any of these, you have to check out this episode. Emails, how we respond and what we do with them is more important than we realize when it comes to growing your business. Learn it, get it right and perfect it!

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Facebook: OTL on Facebook

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There are hundreds of ways to build a long lasting customer, but are you putting communication at the forefront of that list?

The way we communicate with our members can be a reason people stay for years, or leave within months. 

Do you think about communicating with each person differently? What is your EQ? 

As a bonus, we talk about scaling, how to communicate scaling and pre-requisite classes.

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It's important we constantly get new faces into our gym doors. Not all will become members, but the more people we can get to experience our product, the better our chances.

In today's episode I talk about 3 events we use to get new and potential clients in the door and what we do next.

The bonus topic is about the things you will have to sacrifice now in order to have a great gym in the future!

A review means a lot to us, so if you can spare a minute to give us one on iTunes, that would be awesome.

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Do you have a flow to your classes? Do you know how to create energy in the beginning of your class, maintain it and close it out with energy as well? One more question, how do you introduce new members on their first day?

How you control the flow of your class and how you introduce new members is very important and can create a consistency that your clients come to love and enjoy.

In this podcast I talk about how we "flow" through a class, create and maintain energy and close out classes with a bang!

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Pricing is important from the very beginning. Too often trainers/gym owners under value themselves. But how do we even know what we're worth?

The other big mistake is the business model of under cutting other gyms in the area thinking that will bring you the business. 

Let's talk pricing, things to think about when setting prices, discounts, contracts, and much more!

instagram: @garagegymstartup


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We hear about "community" all the time. In this episode I am going to cover 3 main topics about community.


1) What it actually means (at least to us at OTL Fitness)

2) Why is it important? It is a means to building your business and creating longevity.

3) How you actually do it. Remember, it starts from the top!

Check us out at:

instagram: @garagegymstartup

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In this episode I had the honor of interviewing someone I have looked up to for many years in both the fitness and business industry, Carl Paoli.

For those who may not know who he is, Carl is the creator of GymnasticsWod which is now the FreeStyle Connection a Seminar series which tours world wide. He is an investor with Str/keMvmt, he was coach to Annie Thorsdottir the 2 years she won the CrossFit Games, Author of Free+Style and he continues to add value to the fitness world with many years of gymnastics experience as a former National Competitor.

All in all, Carl is an amazing person and it would be a disservice to yourself if you did not listen to this episode in its entirety. 

Carl is here to add value and that he did. Here it is, Episode 7!

instagram: @garagegymstartup

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Facebook can be a great go to place to get your gym noticed. But before you start shooting that video or creating that piece of content, you should consider a few things first. 

Your FB ad isn't about "Get a discount" or "Free Week". It should be about building a brand. FB is a place we go to be educated or entertained, not sold to.

In this episode I talk about how we do it after a lot of failure. But as always, if you think this is about getting 100 new clients in 1 month with FB ads, this isn't for you. This is about creating content to education, add value and create a brand. #LongTermThinking

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Getting your first members in the door can be easy for some and difficult for others. It was slow growth for us and we really built a strong foundation of our core members. 

In this episode I talk about what we did to get in our first members, and what your main focus should be.

In a future episode I will give tactical advice on advertising on Facebook. This episode is more about communication amongst your current members and business development with other local businesses.

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Partnerships are very common in the gym industry and breakups among those partnerships are too.  

In this episode I talk about partnerships, the pros, but mostly cons and being in business with your significant other.

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Too often I hear people use, "I want it to be perfect first" as an excuse to not execute. Nothing will ever be perfect, so avoid that barrier and start your journey!

Also, if you wouldn't mind, a quick review of the podcast would be great!

Become part of the Garage Gym Startup Facebook page:

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Not everyone is created equal especially when it comes to being an owner. Maybe you are currently a personal trainer at a globo gym (that's how I started) or maybe you currently train out of your garage. Whichever you do, here are some tips when it comes to taking the next step to opening your gym.

*youtube: rawfitteest for old school videos I made in my first home gym.

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I'm so excited about The Garage Gym Startup Podcast. In this episode I'm going to share my journey into the business, my background and we are going to talk Location, Location, Location. 

The Garage Gym Startup is based on the steps we have taken. It may be helpful to some, and others it may not. But I do wish I had someone to listen to when I first started my gym and I hope to be that person for others.

If you have any questions, please email me at and I would love to answer your questions.

Also, here is the youtube channel I talk about in this eipisode: rawfitteest


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We are excited to reach our 5 year mark as a business, but we know there are many more years to come. 

Check this episode out to hear how we have used Facebook marketing to help grow our gym slowly, but surely. 

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The Texas Water Safari was an incredible experience and much as learned between 44 hours of no sleep and getting lost in Alligator Lake. Check out my experience and what it taught me about life and business. 

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We always want to be perfect, and there is nothing wrong with that. But if you are ready to open a gym, or launch a product, or just be awesome, don't wait to be perfect. Believe in your product/skill, and go make it happen. Perfect will only stop you and you will use it as an excuse to delay, delay, delay!

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As gym owners and coaches it is important we are honest to ourselves when it comes to our strengths and weaknesses. This self awareness can help any soon to be gym owner find a specific niche or even help a current gym owner bring in more clients. Check it out and then give yourself a check over and be authentic, especially to yourself!

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There is WAY more to being a great coach than just knowing how to teach a squat. Here are some characteristics I believe everyone needs in order to not just be a good, but a GREAT coach!

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Many think owning a gym is about coaching, working out, and counting your $$. But let me tell you right now, none of that happens! Be ready for lack of sleep, 30 minute maintenance training sessions, and LOTS of hard work. It's not for everyone, but that's what separates good from great!

Direct download: episode_4_TLR.mp3
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There are way more than 5 tools out there to run your business, but when you are starting out, these 5 will help any gym owner run more efficiently and effectively. I can't speak for everyone, but they really helped me!

Direct download: TLR_Episode_3.mp3
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Is location everything when opening a gym? In this 20 min podcast I am going to go over how I chose my location, what to look out for, and how to allow clients to dictate growth and how to do it without going in over your head! 

It's not always about the biggest and fanciest location. For those of us who bootstrapped or plan on bootstrapping this business, we sometimes need to start small, then grow as our clientele grows!

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Have you ever wanted to or do you currently own a gym? Follow along as I take you through the life of a gym owner. I will be talking business, how we get more clients, how we retain them, how being a gym owner has changed my life and how not to let it ruing yours!

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We all want to achieve something be it in the gym or in life. Regardless of what it is, here are 4 keys to reaching your goals. But remember, you can't just follow one, you need them all!

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I sat down with Daniel Nicholson, the CEO and Prez of Nada Moo to talk about his Journey, trials and tribulations as an entrepreneur. If you haven't given this gluten free, dairy free, and delicious frozen dessert a try, be sure you get some at a store near you.

You can visit for stores near you that carry this awesome product!


Direct download: interview_with_nada_moo_founder_Daniel_Nicholson.mp4
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The 5 Rules of The Gym and Life

There are 5 rules that I believe should dictate the way you train and the way you live. Here are those 5 rules!

@davidofthelion - Twitter/instagram

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We live in a "more" world. We want more money, more strength, more free time, more, more, more. We are so inlove with this idea that many times we miss the value in the things we currently have. 

I have added a new routine of reflection to my day and I think it can help change your life too!

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Sometimes we have a tendency to get in a comfort zone and although we feel as though we are getting things done, we aren't getting them done to the best of our ability. Get outside of the comfort zone, change your environment to one that is motivating, challenging and uplifting and you will go beyond your abilities!

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Sometimes when we get done with our day we want to just relax and take time to ourselves. But it isn't always necessary. Sometimes we must give our time back to those who need it. Your time here is short, how will you use it?

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No matter what it is in life you decide to be committed too, there will always be people who have something negative say. When you are strong, weak people say you work too hard or you are on steriods. When you do well in your job, they say "Well he/she isn't happy". 

No matter what it is, there will always be hate. Don't listen to it and continue to do what you love. Never try to please a crowd because someone will always be dissatisfied (usually because they aren't pleased with themselves). 

Work hard, be awesome!

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No mater the extent of your education or experience in life, there will always be things that come up in which you are not prepared or cannot be prepared for. 

This is a quick podcast I did while driving to work in regards to those issues, and our recent cricket infestation. 

They say running your own business is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get.

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We all do it, we pile everything possible on our plates only to realize we cannot handle it all. In this interview with Navy SEAL Brad McLeod, he talks about how letting go of certain things allowed him to crush it in other aspects of his life.

You don't have to do it all. Pick 1 or 2 things and be awesome at them!

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Too many times we want to steer away from the things that bother us or make us uncomfortable in life and business. But, if you want to learn and grow, you have to put it all out on the table and be upfront with both the good and the bad.

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When it comes to leadership, no one knows it better than those who are leaders of our military. I chat with Navy SEAL/Entrepreneur/CrossFit Gym Owner/BOSS Chriss Smith Jr. about what it takes to be a leader and the traits he believes it takes to truly lead with respect, passion, and energy!

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